Photography: Ines Schafer

Catenya McHenry is a relatable, real woman- a single mom of three children just trying to get out the door on time everyday. In her other life, she’s a sought after TV Host and Restyle Expert, making regular television appearances as a guest on dozens of top-rated shows nationwide. She’s also a go-to expert for restyling your wardrobe and home. Catenya believes ‘you don’t have to spend a lot to look like you did.’ She’s a master at engineering new ways to style one piece.

Born+raised in Los Angeles, California, the hub of film+fashion, Catenya was destined to be the mix. Her Dad owned a video production company and from there, her love of stories and storytelling ignited. She began her journey as a TV news reporter in Lafayette, Louisiana. Within eight months, she was advancing to an education reporter position in Austin, Texas and later became their morning show anchor. As a news broadcaster with a career spanning two-decades, Catenya has logged thousands of stories and TV appearances for all the major networks, including NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX and the CW. Her constant curiosity and aspirational ambition framed her next challenge. She flipped her skills and quickly ascended to corporate executive level to become a PR executive, communications+crisis communications expert, media trainer and marketing expert and later using that experience to open two PR firms+ a production company. Never satisfied with just one thing at a time, Catenya’s love of film and the creative process prompted her to probe the industry which yielded tremendous success. She is SAG credited for principal roles in two films, Miss Congeniality and The Life of David Gale. She’s also appeared in dozens of industrial commercials for TV, corporate and print campaigns and has been voice-over talent in a host of radio commercials.  

Catenya’s love affair with fashion+glamour is life-long.  Her instinctive ability to accessorize and pair prints, patterns and color is organic. While in the news business, Catenya had to dress up everyday on a less than rockstar budget, so she was savvy at repurposing and restyling her wardrobe, keeping secret her pieces were the same, just styled new ways. Viewers thought she had a celebrity wardrobe. Friends thought so too. One by one, they asked her to overhaul their closets+restyle new looks for them. Eventually, friends became clients and now all of her clients are friends.

When she’s not making TV appearances, overhauling closets, lending style tips for clients and various media outlets, or collaborating with brands, Catenya is an accomplished entrepreneur, inventor, documentary+series producer/director, adjunct professor, freelance writer and managing editor at Catenya.com. Catenya’s production company, Trifecta Films+Media is committed to producing original, real content for television and digital platforms. Her current projects are a style/lifestyle show and a cooking show. She’s also busy growing her sock company SoleMate Sox. In 2015, Catenya invented the world’s first magnetic socks that stay paired in the wash, as a solution for lost socks.

Catenya stays active as a marathoner and rollerblader. She and her three children love to explore the outdoors and run together as well. They’ve finished at least a dozen 5K’s and she’s training to run two half- marathons in 2018. 

“Each day is a new opportunity to stay positive, improve and live a life of truth+authenticity.”- Catenya