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SoleMate Sox™ are the world’s first magnetic socks that cling together in the wash+dryer, eliminating lost socks. If you’ve ever lost socks on laundry day, SoleMate Sox is your sensible solution+matchmaker for lost socks. Designed+curated with love in the USA, each pair is made with Bamboo yarns, making them super-soft, sustainable, breathable, eco-friendly and moisture-wicking for healthier funk-free feet. Shop the online store.


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As a former television newscaster and life-long storyteller who loves and appreciates art, I wanted to not only invent a simple solution to an everyday problem but I also wanted SoleMate Sox™ to express something more emotional that represents love. Each pair is thoughtfully designed with love to tell a story.

Our artists, which also include my children, approach each new original design with passion and inspirational conviction to draw, paint or pencil palettes that are fun, vibrant, colorful and purposeful. We want you to be excited about wearing your socks and we want you to experience an emotional connection- from the minute you open your package and every time you wear them. SoleMate Sox ™ are designed and manufactured in the the USA-something we are extremely proud of!

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