How -To: Hack Your Shoe Closet- RePurpose

I pinned these ideas on one of my Pinterest boards realizing, I too could pull it off. I really needed a serious shoerapy, ‘shoe therapy.’ Not because I’m a shoe addict but because I had no place to store them all. Did you really think I needed therapy to stop buying shoes? Girl, please!

My Design Deadlock-Houses built in the 1960’s manifest charm and interesting craftsmanship but apparently women didn’t have more than three pairs of shoes back then. The closets in my master bedroom are not built with a “woman of the future” in mind. Walk in closet? Not in this house. My closets are more like upright 1ft. deep wardrobes. I can only wish mine were as deep as the one that led to Narnia. Now that’s a walk-in closet!


Pinned on my Pinterest Board
Glass Cabinets as Wardrobes

Pinned on Pinterest-Antique Glass Display Cabinet

Shoe Solution– I purchased two of these glass display cabinets below, several years ago from a fantastic boutique furniture store in Austin, Texas. They are lighted, chestnut wood cabinets standing about 6ft. tall and about 3ft. wide with four glass shelves inside. They were positioned along a white wall as part of my entertainment unit in a previous house. I displayed photos and collectibles in them and stored linens and other dining table must-haves in the drawers. But at least one of them had sat empty for the last few months. I’ve always wanted to repurpose them but I didn’t know how until playing in Pinterest. When I saw the above Pinterest photos, I was delighted that I could actually DIY something from my magical virtual boards of dreams. I immediately hopped up, slid a towel underneath my cabinet to avoid scratching my hard woods, and gingerly scooted it from the sitting room to my bedroom. While my cabinets are more contemporary than the Pinterest ones, their purpose is the same.

My Glass Cabinet as a Shoe WardrobeMy Glass Cabinet Repurposed as a Shoe Wardrobe

RevealBeing able to “see” my shoes in a glass case right in front of me when getting dressed, has made decision making less time-consuming. Many times I start from the floor up- picking out a great pair of shoes first and then building my outfit around my shoes. As for the two drawers at the base, I now use them to store my favorite PJ’s, my caboodle of earrings, chunky rings and other accessories.

Fashion Tip-‘Don’t be boxed in by the space you’re given, make your own.’


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