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How do you describe meeting someone out of the blue- serendipity, a random meeting, luck, or just God crossing your path with another kindred spirit? The latter is how Ruth Penton Polson described the way she and I met and I couldn’t agree more. It was the first Wednesday of a new month and year. Two of my children and I were headed to a local coffee shop when Ruth and I exchanged a lively ‘Good Morning.’ As she flew open the door of a vacant boutique space, I noticed the stunning pair leggings she was holding and asked her if she was opening up a store front. She said no but explained she was using the space for a day photo shoot for her leggings. She invited me in to help style the shoot but I was more curious about these awesome leggings. From there, an amazing story unfolded into our newest ‘Real Women episode.

Ruth, also known to her friends as RP, is a multi-talented, spirited, gracious human being that I’m so glad to know. Inspired by beautiful women in her life, RP has animated her artistic canvases into live- action wear for everyday women. She’s not only an artist+designer but she’s also a dentist, a wife, a Mom and oh, in her spare time, she knits. Designing leggings is a way to explore+express her creative talents in a new way, plus she can design on the go, something RP considers an amazing privilege.

Real Women: R.P. Active Art |

“Designing leggings is something I do using my phone in between carpool and my daughter’s activities,” says RP She adds, “While she’s [her daughter] dancing, playing soccer, violin, I design. I want to spend more time with my daughter, be a better Mom and be the one who picks her up from school. Designing leggings allows me to do that.”


One day, while performing a dental procedure, she and her assistant joked about RP knitting a pair of sweater pants. After a hearty laugh, her assistant told RP that when she started putting her artwork on yoga pants or leggings, she’d definitely be interested. The conviction stayed with RP and now her ‘Happy Pants’ bring joy to dozens of women.

Each of her designer happy pants carry the names of inspirational women in her life. From Elizabeth to Dawn to Kelley and Sarah, the artwork is a storied sketch of their colorful and vivacious personalities.

The leggings are not just works of art but they are functional and flattering for active real women and can be worn from yoga to a night out- dressed down with a tank or amped with an element of chic- paired with a leather jacket and high-heel booties.

The leggings move with a few other feminine features that every girl on-the-go can appreciate. They are lint free, high waisted to hide the infamous muffin top and the graphic prints mask any imperfections you think you may have.

Real Women: R.P. Active Art | Catenya McHenry

“I love transforming a room with my artwork and it’s so cool to actually see it on a product and people being able to enjoy it daily and express themselves through my designs,” says RP.

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