Real Women: Noha Nadler- Egyptian Handbag Designer

Inspired by her Egyptian roots, Noha Nadler infuses texture, color, exotic patterns+prints into her handbag collections but her true inspiration for creating the perfect it girl handbag was born from frustration.

Courtesy: Noha Nadler

Noha searched and scoured the planet for bags that she could pack flat into her luggage but what she found was too bulky, she says. Noha did what every other super-powered woman does- she rolled up her sleeves, found her new superpower and created her own line.

She folded away her nursing scrubs and took her creative talent to the design board but she made sure to not leave behind her culture+ homeland, Egypt. She found her muse in the some of the Egyptian open markets and from there, Noha Nadler has become the go-to brand of sophisticated women who appreciate design detail, upscale fabrics+materials, and investment accessories.

Each bag is truly an artistic masterpiece. The totes are made from supple, rich leather and are roomy enough for everything, including the kitchen sink. Kidding! The clutches are perfectly-sized to fit like they were customized exactly for you. The best part is, Noha carries little surprises throughout the entire piece. Inside you’ll find a peek-a-boo pop of her favorite color.

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